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Keeping Your FCCU Account Safe

As you've probably learned from news reports, Target has reported a data breach of cards in US Target stores from November 27th through December 15th. Unfortunately, some Financial Center credit and checkcards have been identified as at risk because of this security breach.

Here's what members should know:

-We will communicate to you directly via email, phone and/or mail if we identify your card is at risk from the breach.

-If your card is identified at risk, please know this does not mean that fraud has occurred on your account. You will not be responsible for any fraud activity if reported to us timely.

-If your card is identified at risk, we will be sending you a replacement card; if you receive a replacement card, please make note of the new card number and update any automatic payments you have set up on the card.

-Financial Center's records remain intact and secure. We will continue to use the fraud-monitoring tools we have in place to review account transactions to help detect unusual spending and ATM patterns so we can stop any fraudulent activity.

-There are several things you can do to help protect yourself from fraud as well; this includes reviewing your statements and reporting any unfamiliar transactions immediately.

If you ever suspect fraud relating to your Financial Center Credit Union account, please contact us at 209.948.6024, ext. 0.